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A Step Towards My Dream

I remember the days when I started to fall in love with fashion. When I discovered the great Filipino fashion bloggers through social media, there, I started to dream that someday, I’ll be a fashion blogger myself. I started wanting to have nice pictures like them but because I was just a kid and doesn’t really have a professional photographer with me, I always get disappointed with the results of my pictures because it’s not as beautiful as what fashion bloggers have!

Every time we go to great-places-to-have-pictures, I ask my sister to take pictures of me, visualizing what the picture should look, my sister keeps on taking multiple pictures but I always get disappointed with what I look like, the quality of the picture, and the way it was taken. My visualization doesn’t always meet my expectations! *hmp* The next moments I ask ate to take pictures of me, she refuses already because I’m demanding and it takes a lot of time and effort “daw”.

But looking at all those pictures, it wasn’t really bad at all! I was just comparing myself to the amazing pictures of the fashion bloggers that it made me too afraid if I will be able to be like them, not realizing that I can be unique in my own way.


And now, that finally, I took a step closer to my dream!

I faced all my fears and realized that YOU’LL NEVER REALLY KNOW UNLESS YOU TRY.

After being too afraid for years, i’m now here, really starting to make my dreams come true. Although I still have a LOOOONG way to go from reaching my dream, but I’m really happy that I have finally started it.


Sure, I will undergo a lot of obstacles in this journey. I will surely start to experience the struggles of a blogger, the pressure and all but there’s no other way but up. I’ve been dreaming of this ever since so no mountain can stop me.


When I started this blog, I also realized that when you want something and something is hindering you from doing it, may it be fear from failure or whatever, sometimes you just have to drop all those fears and JUST DO IT. Again, you’ll never really know unless you try!


So for those of you who have told me that “Gusto ko na rin tuloy mag blog.” when they saw my first post, my advice for you is to just do it. Starting a blog is very easy. The real struggle is how you will maintain and continue your blog and be consistent in keeping in touch with your readers. As I’ve said, “finished, not perfect.” What’s more important is for you to start first and the improvement comes along!

Photography by Patricia Zapanta

oakph top • tennis skirt


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